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Why did you decide to change your logo?

Taking on a Social Media Manager has given LEAPS the opportunity to have a fresh set of eyes on the digital world for us. As a result, she’s provided us with new ideas and that included developing a new logo alongside our new website. 

What do your Committee members do?

On our Committee, we have a Chair, Social Media Manager, Secretary and Treasurer, who you can read about on the ‘About Us’ section.

How can I support an unemployed loved one?

Our members have so many pieces of good tips and advice because they can all relate to one another. Other than recommending you encourage your loved one to join LEAPS, we have a page for UK helplines.

What’s happened to LEAPS during the Pandemic?

Unfortunately, since LEAPS are based in a public library, we have been unable to host a  meeting resembling the usual format for some time. However, all members have been maintaining contact with one another and continue to provide help and support.

Where does your funding come from?

LEAPS have been very fortunate to have received a number of funding grants, with the most recent one being from the National Lottery Community Fund.

How do I join LEAPS?

You’re eligible to become a member if you are aged over eighteen and are unwaged.

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