Code of Ethics & Conduct

Every member of Listening Ear and Positive Support (from here on in known as ‘LEAPS’) must adhere to this Code of Ethics and Conduct within meetings, internal events, and in any community setting or external events where they are discussing or representing LEAPS.

Each member shall be treat with the upmost respect and their thoughts and opinions listened to.

Every person shall be treat as a valuable and important member of LEAPS; their shall be no discrimination regarding the colour of a person’s skin, their sex, age, or disability.

All members must either turn their mobile phone (and all other devices) off or place them on silent mode unless otherwise discussed with the group in particular circumstances where this is not possible.

Members should not interrupt one another or in any other way ignore or mistreat the person talking.

Every member must keep all subjects discussed within LEAPS group meetings confidential unless instructed otherwise.

Members are expected to monitor their use of and bad or rude language.

Members will do their greatest to reassure one another to provide a comfortable environment for people to disclose whatever they wish.

Whatever is discussed during a general meeting will remain confidential and will not be discussed further once the meeting has finished.

Members are to be aware of any ways in which they can support one another in respect of their disability e.g. to face forwards if a person has difficulty hearing.

Finally, all members must disclose any and all affiliations to other organisations or political parties.

I am signing this contract in acknowledgement that I understand what is written here, have access to further information through the LEAPS constitution, and shall abide by these and any other policies or procedures agreed upon.

SIGNED: ________________________________

FULL NAME: ___________________________________________________

DATE: _________________________