About Us   

Founded in 2009…

LEAPS started out as a small support group for the people of North Tyneside, but – years later -has passionately maintained the aims and services the group provides.

In 2017 the group made the decision to post a vacancy online for a position as an Advertising Assistant and Aimee joined the team. Bringing new thoughts to the group and its workings, led to success with numerous funding bids, the organisation of fundraising events, setting up the LEAPS Twitter account, and creating LEAPS first website. After two years as an Advertisng Assistant, Aimee was unanimously voted into the position of Chair of LEAPS and after recognizing the workload for her to maintain both roles, the group took on our Social Media Manager. After just one year in position, the LEAPS Twitter account has risen by over one thousand!

LEAPS are now one of the most prominent support groups in our local area and are passionate to help more people and encourage others to join the group.


In our weekly meetings, members have the opportunity to share their experiences in a bid to reassure others that they are not alone.

This also encourages members to share their coping skills for an issue that another member might be struggling with. Sometimes this leads to members supporting one another in a practical way by advocating for them or aiding their completion of state benefits documents.

LEAPS members also provide emotional and psychological support to each other by simply being a listening ear that is trustworthy, compassionate, reliable, kind, and not at all judgmental.

With funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, LEAPS have had the opportunity to take members on therapeutic trips ranging from Alnwick to Edinburgh! The funding has also allowed LEAPS to bring in professionals ranging from staff of our local NHS mental health Trust, to Carer’s North Tyneside!


LEAPS meet in North Shields Library (this is not our postal address)

Meeting Time

Every Friday (except the first of each month) at 1:30pm – 2:30pm

State Benefits

At LEAPS we provide advice and advocacy services for those who are in receipt of state benefits or who are applying for them

Connect & Confide

At LEAPS we promote the notion that members are peers and this contributes to them feeling fully comfortable with one another

LEAPS is like a little family; we’re all here for one another

Group Member

LEAPS is a positive community; a network of people providing a safe space

Committee Member

Before Christmas, I lost the only family member that I have and I felt really alone. That’s when I heard about LEAPS and was told that it’s a place where ‘people will listen to you and help you.’ I now have more people in my life and feel less alone and I’m so much happier because of it.
Group Member