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  • Offering help and support to the unwaged

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Listening Ear And Positive Support

Founded in 2009, LEAPS offer a variety of services to help and support unwaged people in the North East

Current Project:

LEAPS are currently raising money to create printed literature in memory of the previous Chair who we lost to Cancer in 2020. We’d like to concentrate the literature for Carers of those going through treatment and those living with Cancer.

Safe Place

LEAPS provide a safe place for members to feel confident and comfortable talking about their experiences to one another.

Practical Support

LEAPS support members with financial issues, through providing advocacy in making appeals and claims for state benefits

Emotional Support

LEAPS members are non-judgmental and treat one another with respect, kindness, and a high level of helpful support for emotional difficulties.


LEAPS is a positive community; a network of people providing a safe space



For me, LEAPS is a great social support. It’s helpful to my mental wellbeing to know that I have people I can talk to and who will support me



I always enjoy talking to the group members; everyone has a different story and a different experience to share that it’s brilliant to have one place for so many differences to come together as one so that we can learn from one another